• Blood Genomic DNA Extraction HC Mini Kit

Blood Genomic DNA Extraction HC Mini Kit

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The FavorPrep™ Blood Genomic DNA Extraction HE (High Efficiency) Mini Kit is designed to efficiently isolate pure, high-yield, high-concentration, and high-quality genomic DNA from whole blood sample and buffy coat. As distinct from conventional mini column, FABG HE Column allows to process a 1.5 times volume of blood sample and concentrate eluted DNA in high yield. The washing steps efficiently remove contaminants, inhibitors and salts to provide excellent OD 260/230 ratio. The purified gDNA is suitable for various applications, including PCR, qPCR, and library preparation for Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS).

Format/Principle: Spin column (silica membrane)

Binding Capacity: ≤125 µg DNA/column

Operation Time: <45 mins

Sample Size: ≤300 µl whole blood or buffy coats

Typical Yield: 4~12 µg per 300 µl whole blood

Elution Volume: 30 μl