• Tissue Genomic DNA Extraction HC Mini Kit

Tissue Genomic DNA Extraction HC Mini Kit

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The FavorPrep™ Tissue Genomic DNA Extraction HE (High Efficiency) Mini Kit is an efficient tool to rapidly extract pure, high-concentration genomic DNA from various specimen types, including tissues, bacteria, fixed tissue, yeast, or dried blood spot. The distinctive FATG HE Column allows to enlarge sample input and reduce elution volume to obtain both higher eluted DNA concentration and yield. The washing steps efficiently remove contaminants, inhibitors and salts to provide excellent OD 260/230 ratio. The purified DNA is ready for use in multiple applications, including PCR, qPCR, cloning, DNA sequencing, and library preparation for NGS.

Format/Principle: Spin column (silica membrane)

Binding Capacity: ≤125 µg DNA/column

Operation Time: <45 mins

Sample Size: ≤30 mg Tissue

Typical Yield: 30 µg

Elution Volume: 30 μl