• Cell Culture Dishes (Biologix)

Cell Culture Dishes (Biologix)

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1. Vacuum plasma surface treatment ensures excellent cell adhesion

2. Non-pyrogenic

3. Non-cytotoxic

4. DNase, RNase, and human DNA free

5. Surface Treatment

6. Gamma radiation steriled

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    Cat#Dish Style (DxH)Internal Dimensions (DxH)Culture AreaWorking VolumeExternal GripSterileUnit
    07-303535x10mm34.3x9.3mm9.4cm23mlYes Yes 10 /Bag,50 Bags/ Case
    07-306060x15mm52.8x12.8mm21.5cm25mlYesYes10 /Bag,50 Bags/ Case
    NoYes 10 /Bag,20 Bags/ Case
    07-3150150x25mm140.2×23.3mm148cm235mlNoYes10 /Bag,12 Bags/ Case

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