• 15 ml Plug-Seal Centrifuge Tubes, Rack, 500 pcs.

15 ml Plug-Seal Centrifuge Tubes, Rack, 500 pcs.

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*Gamma radiation sterilized
*50ml conical tubes
*Working temperature: stable from -20°C to 121°C
*With stand centrifugation of 8,400 RCF in a fully supported rotor

Plug-seal cap
a) Biologically inert, high density polypropylene provides a chemically resistant surface
b) Double threaded design to reduce cross-threading, easily opened and closed
c) Autoclavable

*Tubes are made of strong, medical-grade polypropylene
*Transparent wall permits easy viewing of tube contents
*Conical bottom design fits most standard floor model and table-top centrifuges
*White writing area facilitates sample identification
*Solvent resistant printing will not rub off during routine laboratory procedures
*Tube are covered with leak-proof caps that comply with IATA Safety Standards

Foam racked package (Sterile)
a) Foam racks offer the convenience of oriented product presentation
b) Samples can be viewed without removing tubes from rack