• cDNA Synthesis Kit

cDNA Synthesis Kit

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Storage temperature: Dry ice
  • Highly efficient synthesis of long cDNAs (≥ 19 kb)
  • Excellent yields at temperatures up to 60°C
  • High sensitivity reverse transcription from low abundance template
  • Superior performance in demanding applications,
    including templates with a high degree of secondary structure
  • First-strand cDNA synthesis for RT-PCR and qPCR
  • Gene expression profiling
  • RNA labeling and primer extension
  • cDNA library construction

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    BR040040110 rxn of 20 µl10 µl Reverse Transcriptase
    100 µl 5× cDNA Synthesis Buffer
    20 µl dNTP Mix, 5 µl RNase Inhibitor
    10 µl Hexamer and 5 µl Oligo (dT) Primer
    1.5 ml PCR Grade Water

    BR0400403125 rxn of 20 µl125 µl Reverse Transcriptase
    1 ml 5× cDNA Synthesis Buffer
    250 µl dNTP Mix, 62.5 µl RNase Inhibitor
    125 µl Hexamer and 62.5 µl Oligo (dT) Primer
    5 × 1.5 ml PCR Grade Water

    BR0400404250 rxn of 20 µl2 × 125 µl Reverse Transcriptase
    1 ml 5× cDNA Synthesis Buffer
    2 × 250 µl dNTP Mix, 2 × 62.5 µl RNase Inhibitor
    2 × 125 µl Hexamer
    2 × 62.5 µl Oligo (dT) Primer
    10 × 1.5 ml PCR Grade Water

  • biotechrabbit™ cDNA Synthesis Kit provides superior components that ensure efficient first-strand cDNA synthesis from mRNA or total RNA templates. biotechrabbit Revert UP II Reverse Transcriptase, a proprietary MMuLV reverse transcriptase, carries point mutations in the polymerase and RNase H domains, eliminating RNase H activity and ensuring highly efficient reverse transcription with increased thermostability. biotechrabbit RNase Inhibitor is a potent non-competitive inhibitor of RNases.

    The combination of highly efficient cDNA synthesis, effective RNase inhibition and outstandingly pure nucleotide allows high yields of cDNAs of more than 19 kb. For greater application flexibility, random hexamer primers, allowing all RNAs in the reaction to be used as templates, and an oligo (dT) primer, allowing synthesis of cDNA from only poly(A) tailed mRNA, are included.