• RTS 100 Wheat Germ Kit

RTS 100 Wheat Germ Kit

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Storage temperature: Dry ice -70 °C


  • Efficient expression of up to 5 μg protein per reaction
  • Compatible with non-optimized, pro- and eukaryotic T7 promoter-based vectors as well as linear templates
  • Excellent homogeneity of large proteins (264 kDa expressed)
  • No endotoxins, allows direct use in cell-based assays
  • Upscaling using high yield CECF wheat germ kits


  • Fast parallel synthesis for screening purposes
  • Synthesis of mammalian or other proteins for functional testing without the disturbing endogenous protein background that is typical for in vivo expression
  • Synthesis of proteins dependent on eukaryotic chaperones
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    24 rxn of 50 µl

    Reagents for coupled transcription/translation reactions

  • The biotechrabbit RTS 100 Wheat Germ Kit is a batch screening system allowing rapid protein expression within 2.5 hours. The kit allows use of a broad range of non-optimized T7 promoter-based expression vectors from prokaryotic and eukaryotic origin in addition to established cell-free wheat germ vectors or linear templates. Using this approach, multiple constructs — including vectors that have not been optimized for wheat germ — can be screened rapidly for expression and functionality in parallel. The procedure saves precious time otherwise required for template generation. The new batch system yields up to 100 μg protein per ml reaction, which is sufficient for many downstream applications.