• RTS 100 Wheat Germ CECF Kit

RTS 100 Wheat Germ CECF Kit

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Storage temperature: Dry ice


  • Express eukaryotic proteins with high success
  • High yields due to microplate CECF device
  • Maximize the production of active heat-sensitive proteins, due to an optimum reaction temperature of 24°C
  • Avoid cloning; express your protein directly from PCR products related to recombinant organisms


  • Microgram-scale protein expression of functional eukaryotic proteins
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    24 rxn of 50 µl

    Reagents for coupled transcription/translation reactions

  • The RTS 100 Wheat Germ CECF Kit is designed for highthroughput protein expression. It enables high success rates for expression and solubility, particularly for eukaryotic target proteins. The possibility of using PCR-generated linear templates makes the process far more convenient; plasmids and mRNA can also be used as template. Use this kit to synthesize proteins in a wide molecular weight range (up to 220 kDa, as tested), and to synthesize truncated proteinvariants (e.g., for epitope or functional domain mapping).

    CECF enables long reaction times and high yields In contrast to traditional eukaryotic in vitro transcription / translation reactions, which run for only 4 hours in batch mode, the RTS Wheat Germ system is the only eukaryotic protein synthesis system that uses the Continuous-Exchange Cell-Free (CECF) technology.
    This CECF system prolongs the reaction for at least 24 hours and increases the yield dramatically. In the RTS 100 Wheat Germ CECF Kit, transcription and translation take place simultaneously in the 50 μl reaction compartments of the reaction device. Substrates and energy components needed for a sustained reaction are continuously supplied via a semipermeable membrane. At the same time, inhibitory reaction by-products are diluted via diffusion through the same membrane into the 1 ml feeding chamber.

    Depending on the protein, expression of up to 20 – 30 μg protein per reaction (with control protein glucuronidase) can be obtained within 24 hours in a 50 μl protein synthesis reaction. Yields may reach up to several hundred micrograms per milliliter when using PCR-generated linear templates, and up to milligram quantities per milliliter of protein-synthesis reaction using vectors or mRNA.