• RTS 500 ProteoMaster E. coli HY Kit

RTS 500 ProteoMaster E. coli HY Kit

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Storage temperature: Dry ice


  • Unique CECF technology to ensure high yields
  • Enable expression of toxic proteins that cannot be produced in vivo
  • Express multiple proteins in parallel
  • Incorporate labeled methionine into synthesized proteins


  • Optimized medium scale cell-free expression of up to 6 mg protein
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    5 rxn of 1 ml

    Reagents for coupled transcription/translation reactions

  • The RTS 500 ProteoMaster E. coli HY Kit is designed and optimized for the expression of up to 6 mg of protein from
    plasmid templates in a highly efficient coupled transcription/translation reaction. This is achieved by utilizing a biochemically enhanced High-Yield (HY) E. coli lysate and the RTS 500 CECF Reaction Device.
    Due to preparative expression yields, the RTS 500 Proteo-Master E. coli HY Kit is suited for the production of protein for NMR spectroscopy or X-ray crystallography. The kit design allows the exchange of amino-acids for amino-acid mixtures of your choice. Methionine (included in the kit and separated from all other amino acids) can be easily substituted for seleno-methionine (not included). Other amino acids can be exchanged by preparing tailored amino-acid mixtures using the RTS Amino Acid Sampler.