• TriColor Protein Ladder, ready to use (10-180 kDa)

TriColor Protein Ladder, ready to use (10-180 kDa)

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Storage temperature -20 °C


  • Ready to use Prestained Protein Ladders for approximate protein sizing, monitoring of electrophoresis and Western transfers
  • Pure and stable - retain sharp bands after 3 months storage at +4oC
  • High value for a fair price


  • Approximate protein sizing on SDS PAGE and Western Blots
  • Monitoring protein gel electrophoresis and Western transfers

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    100 minigel appl.

    500 µl TriColor Protein Ladder (10-180 kDa)

  • The biotechrabbit TriColor Protein Ladders are perfect tools for an approximate MW estimation of proteins on denaturing polyacrylamide gels, monitoring protein separation during electrophoresis and verifying of Western transfer efficiency on membranes (PVDF, nylon, or nitrocellulose).

    The ladders have sharp protein bands in three colors with easily recognizable colored reference bands.

    Ladders are available in two versions: TriColor Broad Protein Ladder covering 3.5 – 245 kDa range and TriColor Protein Ladder covering 10 – 180 kDa range.

    Both are ready for immediate use, are stable and can be stored either for two weeks at room temperature or even for 3 months at +4oC what eliminates the need to thaw them every time before the load.