• Green PCR Master Mix, 2x

Green PCR Master Mix, 2x

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  • Green Reaction Buffer allows for direct loading on the gel right after the PCR
  • Exceptionally pure Taq DNA Polymerase and highest quality dNTPs in a 2x PCR Master Mix formulation
  • High product yields and robustness in a wide application range



  • High throughput PCR for an immediate gel analysis
  • Routine PCR up to 5kb,
  • TA cloning

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    100 rxn of 50 µl

    2 × 1.25 ml Green PCR Master Mix


    500 rxn of 50 µl

    10 × 1.25 ml Green PCR Master Mix


    2000 rxn of 50 µl

    40 × 1.25 ml Green PCR Master Mix

  • The biotechrabbit Green PCR Master Mix is a perfect choice for a fast reaction set up without the need for calculation, multiple pipetting steps and buffer optimization. It is designed for routine high throughput PCR amplifications of 0.2-5kb size DNA targets.

    The Master Mix contains two dyes (blue and yellow) that separate during electrophoresis to monitor migration progress. Reactions assembled with the Green PCR Master Mix have sufficient density for direct loading onto agarose gels. The dyes absorb between 225–300nm, making standard A260 readings to determine DNA concentration unreliable.

    The Green PCR Master Mix contains highly purified recombinant biotechrabbit Taq DNA polymerase, highest quality dNTPs and optimal PCR reaction buffer components, thus only the template and PCR primers have to be added. The final reaction volume should be reached with the pure PCR grade water. Taq DNA polymerase is thermostable highly processive 5´ → 3´ DNA polymerase that has low 5´ → 3´ exonuclease activity and lacks 3´ → 5´ exonuclease (proofreading) activity. The enzyme also exhibits deoxynucleotidyl transferase activity what results in the addition of extra A overhang at the 3'-ends of PCR products allowing easy cloning of PCR products into vectors with T.