• 96-well PCR Clean-Up Kit

96-well PCR Clean-Up Kit

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96-Well PCR Clean Up Kits poskytují rychlý a ekonomický způsob čištění DNA. Celý proces trvá 20 minut. Více naleznete na stránkách výrobce Favorgen.


The FavorPrep™ 96-Well PCR Clean-Up Kit is designed for high-throughput cleaning up of DNA fragments from PCR product or other enzymatic reactions. This kit uses 96-well DNA binding plate and special size-selection buffersthe range of DNA size is between 65 bp~10 kbp; the 20~40 oligonucleotide fragments will be removed. The purified DNA is ready-to-use for various applications with three easy steps (binding, washing and elution).


Format/Principle: Filter Plate (96-well plate, silica membrane)

Plate Applicability: Vacuum or centrifugation

Sample Size: 10~100 µl PCR mixture or other enzymatic reaction mixture

DNA Size: 65 bp~10 kbp

Operation Time:  <45 mins/96 preparations

Typical Recovery: 75%~85%

DNA Binding Capacity: ≤20 µg DNA/well



FACKE 96001

96-well PCR Clean-Up Kit (1 prep)

FACKE 96002

96-well PCR Clean-Up Kit (2 prep)

FACKE 96004

96-well PCR Clean-Up Kit (4 prep)


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