• Plasmid DNA Extraction Midi Kit (25 prep), EndoToxin Free, Ion Exchange

Plasmid DNA Extraction Midi Kit (25 prep), EndoToxin Free, Ion Exchange

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Favorgen\'s Plasmid DNA Extraction Midi Kit is designed for efficient extraction of high quality plasmid DNA from 25-100 ml of bacterial culture. This kit provides the alkaline lysis reagents and the columns packed with anion-exchanger resin. After cell lysis, plasmid DNA is bound to the resin by a gravity-flow procedure, and the contaminants are removed by wash buffer. After using this convenient kit, the purified plasmid DNA is suitable for downstream application such as transfection, in vitro transcription and translation, and all enzymatic modifications.

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The FavorPrep™ Endotoxin Free Plasmid Midi Kit is designed for the isolation of endotoxin-free purified plasmid DNA with anion-exchange technology. This kit uses a gravity-flow column that increases efficiency of DNA-binding capacity. PTR Buffer washes away the endotoxins in just one step. This kit is designed for the convenient, easy, and efficient extraction of pure plasmid DNA and makes the endotoxins less than 0.05 EU/µg DNA that is suitable for the transfection of cultured cells.

Format/Principle: Anion-exchange chromatography (Gravity-flow column)

Lysate Clarification: Centrifugation

Sample Size: 60~120 ml of bacterial for high/low-copy number plasmids.

Size of Plasmid or Constructs: 3 kbp~150 kbp

Column Binding Capacity:  ≤650 µg DNA/Column