•  PakGent - LR, Barrier tips, 1000 pcs

PakGent - LR, Barrier tips, 1000 pcs

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PakGent - Barrier Pipette tips, Low retention
Bulk 1000 pcs

10uL/200 uL/1000uL: extra long design

1000 ul tips: 102 mm long

10 ul tips: 46 mm long

All sterile products are irradiated electron beam radiation, which is same level as gamma irradiation but less harsh on plastics than radiation and does not leave toxic residues like gas sterilization usually does to the product.

PakGent Low retention tips - test pipetting of Blue Triton X 100 solution (see picture).

All of our sterile pipette tips are manufactured out of the highest grade resins and are certified to be RNase, DNase, DNA, pyrogen, and ATP free. Our non-sterile tips are made from the same high quality resins and are certified RNase and DNase free as well.

Fit multi-Channel pipette performance

Rejected burr according to our QA standard.

Greatly reduce cross contamination between pipette and tips

Save the time and cost for pipette sterilization and extend service time

Extra long design is ideal for micro-volume pipetting from conical tubes/test tubes/culture flasks etc

The most popular version (102 mm) in the world, the longest version


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