• Decontamination mats Cleanmat

Decontamination mats Cleanmat

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CCleanmat is a stripping multilayer decontamination mat with an antibacterial component. Cleanmat helps to eliminate the risk of bacterial contamination and catches dirt from shoes and wheelchairs, especially in areas and operations requiring increased hygiene requirements. Suitable for laboratory, hospital, operating room, manufacturing, semiconductor, biological and nuclear industries, transition points between production and offices, etc.

Specific features:

- single use stripping mat

- decontamination component of 0,3% povidone-iodine (iodine-polyvinylpyrrolidone complex)

- easy handling

- suitable for use directly on the ground or in frames

- 99% efficiency = ability to remove dust and dirt

- the individual foils are numbered

- a technology that eliminates the transfer of dust particles to footwear and wheels

- Mat height approx. 1.65 mm

Color: blue

Number of sheets: 30

Applications: laboratory, hospital, manufacturing facilities, semiconductor manufacturing, biological and nuclear industries, transition points between manufacturing and offices, etc.

For more information and orders please write on e-mail: klara.pankova@biologicals.cz.