• Semi-Automated Pipettor -  Sorenson BioScience, Inc.

Semi-Automated Pipettor - Sorenson BioScience, Inc.

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Do you save your time? Try of practical and easy-pipetting robot, which enables you to know your results much earlier.

For the transfer of liquids up to 20 µl and up to 250 µl. For use with One Touch tips. Portable, easy to use. Adjustable pipetting and distribution speeds. Calibrated. Adjustable height for the plate or the reservoir. 

Semi-Automated Pipettor for 96 or 384 well plates. Very practical and accurate. Divides the sample with only one lever movement. Dimensions 21.6 x 45.7 x 43.2 cm. Weight 9.5 kg. Temperature range 10 - 37 ° C.

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