• Lyophilization Reagent (2X), Filter Sterilized

Lyophilization Reagent (2X), Filter Sterilized

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ThBecause freeze drying itself imposes forces that can affect and alter the conformation of proteins and other biomolecules, OPS Diagnostics developed the mannitol-based Lyophilization Reagent (2X) Concentrate, which is a proprietary formulation that helps to simplify freeze drying. It is formulated from a combination of a lyoprotectant and a matrix excipient (or caking agent); these two components act synergistically to facilitate lyophilization and prevent any potential deleterious effects, like protein denaturation, caused by the sample preservation process. The unique formulation of this reagent allows for primary drying at relatively high temperatures (from -10 to -5°C), which helps to expedite lyophilization. It can be used at full strength or diluted 1:1 with samples prior to freeze drying.

To use this product, simply mix the clear Lyophilization Reagent (2X) Concentrate with an equal volume of sample, which should be prepared with a minimum amount of salt, and then freeze dry. Alternatively, one can use size exclusion chromatography to perform a buffer exchange on the sample to be freeze dried, followed by a lyophilization protocol after the exchange.

Lyophilization Reagent (2X) Concentrate is sterilized by filtration and is aseptically packaged in 500 ml PET bottles. Mixing the Lyophilization Reagent (2X) Concentrate with other buffers may require a reassessment of freeze drying parameters, including concentration of one’s sample.