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Cryo-Cup Grinder

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The Cryo-Cup Grinder is a mortar and pestle specifically designed to pulverize and powder plant and animal tissue samples at liquid nitrogen temperatures.  It gives superior results compared to conventional ceramic mortar-pestles.

The Cryo-Cup Grinder consists of a stainless steel, semicircular bowl (or mortar) imbedded in a double walled, insulating cup. Up to 5 grams of hard frozen tissue is placed in the mortar precooled to liq N2 temperature. Using the special hand-held pestle made of non-heat conducting plastic, the tissue is quickly reduced to a powder. Two different sized pestles are provided for a variety of applications.

  • Ideal for extraction of proteins, enzymes and nucleic acids
  • Stainless steel mortar strictly regulates temperature. Once cooled, no further liquid nitrogen is need during grinding
  • Designed for 100mg to 5 grams of fresh tissue
  • Non-porous, stainless steel mortar minimizes sample loss
  • Sterilizable. Easily cleaned. Affordable... stock several to process multiple samples