• Research® plus, 20 µL, fixed, yellow, Eppendorf

Research® plus, 20 µL, fixed, yellow, Eppendorf

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  • Mechanical air-cushion pipette for accurate, easy & ergonomic pipetting of aqueous solutions
  • Feel the difference in weight and pipetting forces: this ultra-light pipette is designed according to the Eppendorf PhysioCare Concept® principles
  • Enjoy minimal tip attachment forces due to a spring-loaded tip cone (available for all pipettes up to 1 mL) that reduces stress without sacrificing tip tightness
  • Benefit from one of the lowest operating and tip ejection forces on the pipette market, helping to reduce hand and arm strain
  • Temporarily adjust your pipette in seconds for better accuracy when pipetting challenging liquids like ethanol or when pipetting at high altitudes. Return to factory adjustment without calibration