• PCR-Cooler for 0,2 mL/0,5 mL/PCR-96-well PCR plate

PCR-Cooler for 0,2 mL/0,5 mL/PCR-96-well PCR plate

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  • For the protection, transport, and storage of sensitive samples, as well as for safely stopping reactions
  • Ideal for PCR reaction setup
  • Accommodates 96-well PCR plates, PCR strips and 0.2 mL and 0.5 mL PCR tubes
  • Dry incubation technology eliminates contamination risk associated with classical icebath incubation
  • Keeps an entire 96-well PCR plate cold for more than an hour at 0 °C (with two-hour precooling at -20 °C)
  • Features temperature indication: Color of the PCR cooler changes when temperature exceeds 7 °C (violet or dark blue when ice cold, pink or light blue when above 7 °C)
  • Space saving and stackable
  • Special contour design prohibits freezing of samples
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