• Sliding Drawer Freezer Racks with slide drawers, Corrosion-resistant

Sliding Drawer Freezer Racks with slide drawers, Corrosion-resistant

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Sliding Drawer Freezer Racks,Corrosion-resistant stainless steel, Colored labels, Pull-out handles

● Made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel

● Ideal for storage of 1 inch and 2 inch standard size

cryogenic boxes

● Fits most standard upright freezers

● Sliding Drawer Freezer Racks include folded rails to reduce frost

● Flanging design reduces scratching

● Handle design enables easy removal from the shelf

● Colored labels for drawer/sample identification

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(D x H Configuration)


(H x W x D)

Storage box size (mm)
99-1216Sliding Drawer4x4564x141x229133x133x52
99-1220Sliding Drawer4x5564x141x285133x133x52
99-1224Sliding Drawer4x6564x141x341133x133x52
99-1124Sliding Drawer4x6564x141x245133x133x36


Sliding Drawer4x7564x141x285133x133x36


Sliding Drawer4x8564x141x325133x133x36


Sliding Drawer4x4564x141x229133x133x52
99-7220Sliding Drawer4x5564x141x285133x133x52
99-7224Sliding Drawer4x6564x141x341133x133x52
99-7124Sliding Drawer4x6564x141x245133x133x36
99-7128Sliding Drawer4x7564x141x285133x133x36
99-7132Sliding Drawer4x8564x141x325133x133x36