•  PakGent - LR, 10 x 96 pcs

PakGent - LR, 10 x 96 pcs

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 PakGent - Pipette tips Low retention without filter, sterile

Boxes 10 x 96 pcs

10uL/1000uL: extra long design

10 ul tips: 46 mm long

1000 ul tips: 102 mm long

Test pipetting of Blue Triton X 100 solution (see picture).

Low Retention pipet tips are specifically designed for applications requiring high accuracy and reproducibility especially pipetting viscous liquides in complex reactions such as PCR, RT PCR, and DNA sequencing. Pipetting viscous liquids also creates pipetting problems due to the inability to expel fluid because of surface adhesion between the liquid and the inside of the pipet tip. This fluid retention can be quite a problem because of residual liquid typically remain in the pipette tip after the operation.

Fit multi-Channel pipette performance - VIDEO.

Rejected burr according to our QA standard.

Greatly reduce cross contamination between pipette and tips

Save the time and cost for pipette sterilization and extend service time

Extra long design is ideal for micro-volume pipetting from conical tubes/test

tubes/culture flasks etc


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