• 4X CAPITAL™ qPCR Green Master Mix (LRox)

4X CAPITAL™ qPCR Green Master Mix (LRox)

  • Biotechrabbit
  • BR0501800
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Storage temperature: Dry ice


  • Best in-class performance in a wide range of applications
  • Highly specific amplification and excellent signal to noise ratio
  • High sensitivity in amplification of low-abundance DNA targets with a wide range of linearity


  • Standard and fast cycling qPCR with rapid extension rate for early Ct values
  • Accurate and robust gene expression analysis
  • Excellent performance in copy number variation analysis
  • R0501801200 reactions of 20 µl1 ml CAPITAL qPCR Green Master Mix LROX

    BR05018021000 reactions of 20 µl5 × 1 ml CAPITAL qPCR Green Master Mix LROX

    BR05018034000 reactions of 20 µl4 kits BR0501802 CAPITAL qPCR Green Master Mix LROX (1000 rxn
  • biotechrabbit CAPITAL qPCR Green Mix allows sensitive and specific amplification with an excellent signal to noise ratio and rapid extension rates. Extremely low-copy-number targets can be detected with high efficiency over several logs of template concentration, while primer-dimer formation is efficiently minimized.

    CAPITAL qPCR Green Mix shows accurate and robust performance in wide range of applications, including gene expression and copy number variation analysis.

    To enable the use of the kit on qPCR platforms with different reference dye concentration requirements, three kit formats are available: a kit containing no ROX, as well as LRox and HRox versions containing ROX in the corresponding concentrations.

    Info: Recommended annealing temperature is 2°C above primer Tm (use gradient PCR to optimize the annealing temperature).