• 100 bp DNA Ladder, ready to use

100 bp DNA Ladder, ready to use

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Storage temperature: Dry ice, -20 °C


  • Ready to use DNA ladder ideal for DNA sizing and gel quantification
  • Pure and stable - retain sharp bands after 6 months storage at room temperature
  • Supplied with 6x Loading Dye for sample DNA
  • 100-3000 bp range, 12 DNA bands, 500 & 1500 bp reference bands


DNA sizing and approximate quantification on agarose gels

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100 lanes

500 µl 100 bp DNA Ladder RTU
1 ml DNA Loading Dye

The biotechrabbit DNA electrophoresis ladders are mixtures of exceptionally purified DNA fragments created either by PCR or by digesting proprietary plasmids with restriction enzymes.

Our Ladders are ready to use, stable for 6 months at room temperature and suitable not only for DNA sizing but also for approximate DNA quantification on agarose gels. For convenience, ladders have increased intensity reference bands and indicated DNA amount in nanograms for every band.

Every ready to use ladder is supplied with the nuclease free Loading Dye Solution for probe DNA ensuring an optimal migration and quantification of your DNA probes.