• EasyXpress E. coli Kit

EasyXpress E. coli Kit

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  • Fast procedure - go from gene to protein in a single day
  • High yields - up to 1 mg protein per ml reaction volume in just one hour
  • A convenient procedure - color-coded reagents, and easy-to-follow protocols
  • Easily scalable reactions – suitable for expression screening in small volumes (>5 µl)


  • For in vitro synthesis of recombinant proteins in high yields

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    5 rxn of 50 µl

    Reagents for coupled transcription/translation reactions


    20 rxn of 50 µl

    Reagents for coupled transcription/translation reactions


    4 rxn of 1 ml

    Reagents for coupled transcription/translation reactions

  • The E. coli EasyXpress Kits are designed for rapid cell-free synthesis of recombinant proteins. The kits use highly productive E. coli lysates, which contain all transcriptional and translational machinery components required for efficient protein synthesis on any scale. Multiple expression constructs can be screened in small scale reactions. The Linear Template Kit enables the fast generation of multiple expression constructs by PCR. Reactions with Linear Template can be scaled up to 1 ml reactions using the 4000 µl Kit. The obtained linear DNA templates can be cloned into the compatible cloning vector pIX3.0 Vector for upscaling using RTS E. coli kits.

    The E. coli EasyXpress Kits enable synthesis of active, full-length recombinant proteins directly from plasmid DNA or PCR product templates. Proteins are produced in high yields by using optimized cell-free E. coli extracts. In combination with the protein synthesis procedure, all steps from template generation to protein purification can be performed in a single day.