• RTS 100 Insect Membrane Kit

RTS 100 Insect Membrane Kit

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  • Robust expression of a wide range of proteins with a range of modifications (clotting factors, protein kinases, and transcription factors)
  • Expression of membrane proteins without the need for additives
  • 3-fold higher yields of up to 50 µg/ml for enough protein for functional studies/screening procedures
  • Fast screening and increased flexibility using PCR products or circular plasmids as templates


  • For high yields of in vitro synthesized posttranslationally modified eukaryotic proteins
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    5 rxn of 50 µl

    Reagents for linked transcription/translation reactions


    20 rxn of 50 µl

    Reagents for linked transcription/translation reactions

  • The RTS 100 Insect Membrane Kit was the first commercially available in vitro protein synthesis kit based on cell lysates derived exclusively from insect cell cultures. These homogeneous lysates enabled efficient expression of a broad range of eukaryotic proteins with posttranslational modifications, and thanks to an optimized lysate production procedure, this kit is now even more efficient.

    The RTS 100 Insect Membrane Kit uses highly productive insect cell lysates obtained from a Spodoptera frugiperda cell line, which contain all translational machinery components (i.e., ribosomes, ribosomal factors, tRNAs, aminoacyl-tRNAsynthetases, etc.) required for efficient protein synthesis. In addition, the lysates contain functional organellar membrane fractions, whose activity is required for posttranslational modification of eukaryotic proteins, including membrane proteins. It is a linked transcription-translation system.

    In the in vitro transcription reaction, high-quality capped mRNA is produced using linearized or circular plasmid DNA or PCR products containing a T7 promoter. The RTS pIX4.0 Vector is designed for high-level expression of proteins using the RTS 100 Insect Membrane Kit and offers efficient initiation of translation through a T7 promoter element combined with an optimized 3' UTR, a T7 terminator, and an optimally positioned linearization site. The EasyXpress Linear Template Kit Plus can be used to rapidly generate a range of PCR products for expression screening. In the linked in vitro translation reaction, the capped mRNA is used as template to express active full-length proteins.