he EasyXpress system is ideally suited for the rapid cell-free expression of proteins. Using the patented PCR-based generation of optimized Linear Templates will avoide any cloning procedures. Simply thaw and mix cell lysate and reaction buffer, add the linear template or use your plasmid. After one hour incubation time up to 0.5 mg protein will be ready for affinity purification. EasyXpress reactions are ideally suited for characterization studies or functional assays.

Fast production — up to 0.5 mg protein after one hour incubation time
From gene to purified protein within one day
Use optimized Linear Templates or your own plasmid vectors
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RTS Linear Template Kit Plus

RTS Linear Template Kit Plus

Storage temperature: Dry iceFeaturesEfficient in vitro expression (E. coli and insect kits)Primers f..


RTS pIX3.0 Vector

RTS pIX3.0 Vector

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