• Soil/Stool RNA Extraction MicroElute Kit, 100 prep

Soil/Stool RNA Extraction MicroElute Kit, 100 prep

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FAFRK 001B-MICRO Soil/ Stool RNA Extraction MicroElute Kit (100 prep) (blister packing for columns)

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The FavorPrep Soil/Stool RNA Extraction MicroElute Kit is designed for isolation of total RNA from soil and stool samples. Lysis buffer is optimally designed with unique Glass-Beads Tube to lyse samples effectively. Besides, the inhibitors and contaminants in solid and stool samples can be removed. The three different types of spin columns included in this kit allow removing genomic DNA from sample lysates, isolating and concentrating RNA. The entire procedure is not required the phenol/chloroform extraction and the purified RNA is ready-to-use for downstream applications.

Format/Principle: Spin column (silica membrane)

Sample Size: Up to 250 mg soil or stool

Minimum Elution Volume: 10 µl