• Proteinase K

Proteinase K

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  • Exceptional purity suitable for the most sensitive applications
  • PCR-grade for highest performance


  • Nonspecific protein degradation
  • Nucleic acid purification
  • Deactivation of nucleases in enzymatic reactions

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    30 mg

    30 mg Proteinase K lyophilized


    150 mg

    5 × 30 mg Proteinase K lyophilized


    1.25 ml

    1.25 ml Proteinase K solution


    10 ml

    8 × 1.25 ml Proteinase K solution

  • biotechrabbit™ Proteinase K is an active endopeptidase that is effective with native proteins, allowing endogenous RNases and DNases to be inactivated rapidly. The robust enzyme is stable over a wide pH range (4–12.5) and remains fully active for several hours when incubated at pH 6.5–9.5. The exceptional purity of the enzyme ensures that it is ideally suited for preparing PCR templates, as it is free of RNases, DNases and DNA. biotechrabbit Proteinase K is available as lyophilized powder or solution.