• UPstart™ Taq Antibody, 1 mg/ml

UPstart™ Taq Antibody, 1 mg/ml

  • Biotechrabbit
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Storage temperature:

Dry ice


  • Inhibition of >95% Taq activity at 45°C
  • 200 ng UPstart™ Taq Antibody are blocking 1 U Taq DNA polymerase
  • Exceptionally pure - no contamination of mouse genomic DNA


  • Thermolabile inhibition of Taq DNA polymerases
  • Convenient "Hot-Start" PCR setup at room temperature
  • Fast polymerase activation with the first PCR denaturation step

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    1000 µg (5000 U)

    1 ml UPstart Taq Antibody

  • biotechrabbit UPstart Taq Antibody is an ultra-pure monoclonal antibody against Taq DNA polymerase. It can be used with high efficient Taq DNA polymerases, provides an excellent method for ″hot start″ PCR, and enhances PCR specificity and sensitivity. The hot start is preventing primer dimer formation, non-specific amplification, and allows convenient setup of PCR reactions at ambient temperature.

    At the first denaturation step of the thermal cycling the UPstart Antibody becomes nonfunctional and the active Taq DNA polymerase is released. This antibody-mediated hot start method is significantly more convenient to use than other hot start methods. The polymerase is reactivated faster than with methods utilizing chemically inhibited polymerases.