• PCR ReadyMix, lyophilized, 2x

PCR ReadyMix, lyophilized, 2x

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  • Room-temperature stable enzymes and mixes
  • Exceptionally pure Taq DNA Polymerase
  • Optimized ReadyMix for fast setup


  • Ambient shipment and room-temperature storage
  • Routine and demanding PCR applications
  • PCR amplification up to 5 kb
  • TA cloning
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    50 rxn of 50 µl

    Lyo PCR ReadyMix
    1.25 ml PCR Reconstitution Buffer


    250 rxn of 50 µl

    5 × Lyo PCR ReadyMix
    5 × 1.25 ml PCR Reconstitution Buffer

  • biotechrabbit™ Lyo PCR ReadyMix is a freeze dried version of the well-established liquid equivalent. The stabilized format allows shipment and storage without cooling. The ReadyMix is a perfect choice for a fast reaction setup that reduces the time required for calculation and pipetting and eliminates the need for buffer optimization. It is designed for low-background, high-throughput PCR of 0.2–5 kb DNA targets.

    The 2x PCR ReadyMix contains pure biotechrabbit Taq DNA Polymerase, extremely high-quality dNTPs and optimized PCR buffer; thus, only template, PCR primers and PCR-grade water are added.