• Alphagen EtBr Destroyer Bag

Alphagen EtBr Destroyer Bag

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Decontamination  EtBr

EtBr Destroyer is a specifically designed reagent effectively degrade and destroy the EtBr and result in non-fluorescence and non-mutagenic remain. This product is provided in two different formats for the treatment of solid or liquid EtBr contaminant. The ready pack EtBr Destroyer bag is for the treatment of liquid EtBr Contaminant. The EtBr Destroyer Sprayer is for the treatment of solid EtBr contaminant.

APEBD-001Alphagen EtBr Destroyer Bag (for liquid waste)40 bags/box
APEBD-001-1Alphagen EtBr Destroyer Bag (for liquid waste)30 bags/box
APEBD-001-5Alphagen EtBr Destroyer Bag (for liquid waste)50 bags/box