• Amersham Hybond LFP 0.2 PVDF

Amersham Hybond LFP 0.2 PVDF

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Amersham Hybond LFP 0.2 PVDF 254 mm×4m 1 roll/PK

PVDF LF 0.2UM 254MMx4M 1/PK

PVDF protein blotting membrane, with 0.2 µm pore size, provides low auto-fluorescence across a wide range of excitation/emission wavelengths. Low-fluorescent PVDF membrane optimized for fluorescent Western blotting applications.

  • Much lower background fluorescence than other commercially available PVDF membranes, resulting in higher sensitivity.
  • Protein binding capacity over 200 μg/cm2.
  • Compatible with a variety of blocking agents, transfer buffers, and total protein blot stains.
  • Available in popular precut sizes for your application.

Amersham Hybond LFP 0.2 PVDF is a low-fluorescent, hydrophobic membrane, with 0.2 µm pore size, for protein transfer. Amersham Hybond LFP is optimized for fluorescent detection in Western blotting applications and for use with the Amersham ECL Plex detection system. This membrane has low background fluorescence, resulting in high sensitivity. Typical protein binding capacity is > 200 µg/cm2.