Amersham Hyperfilm MP (12,7 x 17,8 cm)

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Hyperfilm MP 5 × 7"

50 sheets

  • High sensitivity for low concentration targets.
  • Intended for radiometric or chemiluminescent applications.
  • Clear background for excellent contrast and improved band visibility.
  • Publication-quality images.
  • High resolution at an economical price.
  • Easy to use.


Amersham Hyperfilm MP is an excellent multipurpose film constructed from a clear base coated on both sides with a photographic emulsion that is protected by an anti-scratch layer. The anti-scratch coating reduces the risk of visible artifacts (e.g., plastic wrap marks) and the clear colorless base results in easy reading of images, without compromising on sensitivity.

Intended use

Amersham Hyperfilm MP is intended for radiometric or chemiluminescent applications. It may also be used with Fluorography with 3H, 14C, and 35S, or with intensifying screens with 32P and 125I, or direct autoradiography with 14C, 35S, 32P, and 125I. It cannot be used for direct autoradiography with tritium.

Amersham Hyperfilm MP can be processed in automatic processors or manually, in tanks and tray, using most common X-ray film developers and fixers.

In a multidisciplinary laboratory, in which blots and sequencing experiments are performed, Hyperfilm MP is the recommended film for high performance in all applications.

Inner packaging

Amersham Hyperfilm MP is also available in an enveloped sealed format. Here, individual sheets of Hyperfilm MP are sealed in light-tight envelopes giving maximum protection and ease-of-use in the life science laboratory.