• Amersham ECL Select Western Blotting Detection Reagent

Amersham ECL Select Western Blotting Detection Reagent

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ECL Select WB Detection Reagent

Western blotting detection reagent with highly intense signal output, for detection of medium to very low protein levels.

Amersham ECL Select is a high sensitivity reagent for chemiluminescent Western blotting detection. High signal intensity makes Amersham ECL Select suitable for demanding Western blotting applications, allowing detection of minute protein quantities. Its long lasting signals allows for multiple exposures and a convenient time window between the experiment and analysis. Signals can be detected with a CCD camera or X-ray film.

For you who are familiar with Amersham ECL Advance from before, Amersham ECL Select is the replacement product that offers the same sensitivity, signal intensity, and precise quantitation for demanding western blotting applications and minute protein levels.