• Sputum Cell Preservation Solution

Sputum Cell Preservation Solution

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iologix Sputum Cell Preservation Solution is used for collection, transportation and long-term preservation of sputum cells, applicable to various of molecular experiment which require DNA gene detection.


For preservation and transportation of Sputum cells.


 Instant DNase inactivation, preventing nucleic acid degradation.

• Cell morphology could be maintained for a long time, and survival rate is as high as over 90% after 30 days room temperature preservation.

• No need cryopreservation and dry ice transportation, convenient field sampling and air shipment.


1. Remove oral saliva, throat secretions and food debris from the mouth

2. Expectorate sputum forcefully from deep in the lungs into the cell preservation solution

3. Screw the cap tightly, and mix by reverse the tube

4. Write down the sample information on the label of tube and send to test

Notice: If condition allowed, please promote expectoration by inhaling atomized normal saline.


• Fully immerse the swab in the solution after collection to maximize cell retention.

• If small amount of cells is found in slice production, more solution could be added.

• Dilute samples in solution and fully mix it

• Samples must be fresh and test it on time to avoid cell autolysis

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