• Exfoliated Buccal Cell Preservation Solution

Exfoliated Buccal Cell Preservation Solution

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Exfoliated Buccal Cell Preservation Solution is used for collection, transportation and longterm

preservation of exfoliated buccal cells. It provides reliable and highly quality of DNA samples for gene

detection, which can replace blood DNA for various gene detection and analysis experiment, such as qPCR, NGS, SNP.


For preservation and transportation of exfoliated buccal cells.


•  Instant DNase inactivation, preventing nucleic acid degradation.

•  Cell morphology could be maintained for a long time, and survival rate is as high as over 90% after 30 days at room temperature.

•  No need cryopreservation and dry ice transportation, convenient field sampling and air shipment.


1. Open a swab package, hold the handle of the swab and slowly put it in one side of oral, rotate the swab for 10-15 times in the oral cavity, and move it up and down for 5-10 times to scrap with moderate strength.

It is advisable to stick the swab to the oral cavity to ensure all front parts of swab are covered exfoliated buccal cell.

2. Collect exfoliated buccal cells from another side of oral in the same way.

3. Take out the swab after collection, put it into the tube.

4. Cover and seal the tube with cap.

5. Write down the sample information on the label of tube and send to test

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