• Cervical Cell Preservation Solution

Cervical Cell Preservation Solution

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Cervical Cell Preservation Solution can decompose mucus and red blood cells, but preserve the

shape, structure and quantity of cells. The effective cells was deposited in the bottom of preservation solution. The background of slice production is clear with rich cell composition. The samples can be preserved for 4 weeks at room temperature.


For preservation and transportation of cervical cells.


•  Instant DNase inactivation, preventing nucleic acid degradation.

•  Cell morphology could be maintained for a long time, and survival rate is as high as over 90% after 30 days at room temperature.

•  No need cryopreservation and dry ice for transportation, convenient field sampling and air shipment.


1. Use disposable cervical sample swab to collect cervical cells: pinch the long handle of swab with thumb and index finger, put the front part of swab into cervix and rotate the swab for 3~5 circles in one direction.

2. Take out the swab, and put the swab front part into the freezing tube with 5 mL preservation solution.

3. Write down the sample information on label of tube and send to test.

Notice: if there is more mucus or secretion on the cervix of patient, wipe it with a cotton ball before collect samples.


•  Fully immerse the swab in the solution after collection to maximize cell retention.

•  If small amount of cells is found in slice production, more solution could be added.

•  Dilute samples in solution and fully mix it.

•  Samples must be fresh and fixed in time to avoid cell autolysis.

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