• 903 DNA Sample Collection Card Package

903 DNA Sample Collection Card Package

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Biologix 903 DNA Sample Collection Card Package contains 1 sterile blood withdrawing needle, 1 sterile dry cotton piece, 1 hemostatic cotton piece, 1 sample collection card and 1 sample storage bag. The information to be recorded on the blood collection card and the sample’s information includes: name, gender, personnel number, ID number, household registration address, and so on.

903 DNA Sample Collection Card Package is a new media for DNA preservation based on plant fiber, designed for various biological fluids (such as blood, semen and saliva), cell culture fluids, microorganisms, plant tissues and samples such as viruses are collected, transported and stored at room temperature. It is especially suitable for the collection, preservation and inspection of suspects, victims, parties and a large number of blood samples on site, facilitating subsequent DNA testing and DNA database operations, and is widely used in medicolegal expertise and paternity testing.


  For medicolegal expertise and paternity testing.

•  For crime scene DNA extraction.

•  For collecting plant and animal DNA samples in the wild.


•  Easy to use: easy to use, suitable to combine with disposable sampling tools.

•  Good stability: inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi, can be preserved at room temperature for a long time.

•  Functional Test: PCR results of preserved blood sample are the same as fresh blood sample.

•  Safe and reliable: independent sterilization packaging, avoiding pollution to operators, and strengthening protection of blood collectors.

•  Efficient uses: the DNA bound with the blood collection card can be amplified multiple times.

•  More efficient: widely reduce the need for the required blood sample.

•  Unique design: single sample collection design to avoid cross-contamination between samples.

•  Convenient review: each test can be performed multiple times for easy review.

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