• 903 DNA Color Sample Collection Card

903 DNA Color Sample Collection Card

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Biologix 903 DNA Color Sample Collection Card adopts a unique color technology, the colorless samples such as saliva and body fluid can turn the card from pink to colorless, indicating the area where the sample is located, and have the functions of protein denaturation, cell membrane rupture, DNA adsorption, and inhibiting bacterial growth. The sample can be safely stored for a long time.


Use for the collection of colorless samples such as body fluids, urine, and spinal fluid, as well as DNA extraction from crime scenes, and collection of plant and animal DNA samples in the field.


• Unique technics: a unique process to indicate a colorless sample collection area.

• Easy to use: only need to spot and dry sample, one hour is enough to purify the DNA.

• Good stability: blood sample could be preserved for over 10 years.

• Functional Test: PCR results of preserved blood sample are the same as fresh blood sample.

• Safe and reliable: lyse the cells and prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi.

• Efficient uses: the DNA bound with the blood collection card can be amplified multiple times.

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    903 DNA Color Sample Collection Card