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PakGent and Eppendorf PROMOTION!

When you buy 15 or more packs of any PakGent pipetting tips in boxes (10 x 96 pcs/pack, without filter, with filter or low retention design) we will give you a compatible single-channel pipette - Research Plus Eppendorf FREE! (Can be different volumes and types of tips in one order. Choose the volume of the compatible pipette. Mention the password Eppendorf FREE on orders)

Buy any single-channel pipette - Research Plus Eppendorf, we will give you a pack (10 x 96 pcs) of compatible PakGent tips in boxes (with or without a filter) FREE! (Choose whether you prefer tips with a filter or without a filter. Consult the compatibility tables for suitable volumes and types of pipettes and tips. Mention the password PakGent FREE on orders)

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Catalogue and compatibility charts PakGent tips with Biohit, Rainin, Dragonmed, Eppendorf Research, Gilson, Beckman and others pipettes.

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