• NanoFrac™ Base Unit for organic solvent gradients, 6-Piston for high throughput

NanoFrac™ Base Unit for organic solvent gradients, 6-Piston for high throughput

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  • Vyvinut vědci, kteří běžně dělali 6 - 30 gradientů za den

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The 6-Piston NanoFrac™ Unit is built for the nanotube, nanoparticle investigator. It tolerates aqueous and organic solvents and features light scattering as well as backlight illumination. 

The Piston Gradient Fractionator™

It was developed by a scientist who routinely ran 6-30 gradients a day, and is the first and only fractionator to work by displacing the gradient from the top down with a special piston, producing fractions from 10µm (0.3 mm fractions are more typical) to the entire gradient during UV profiling. You can visualize bands of particles as small as ribosomes with the naked eye, fractionate manually to recover visible bands or automatically to produce perfect gradient profiles, and rinse and blow dry your sample tubing after each fraction, eliminating cross-contamination between fractions.

The shape of the patented piston “Trumpet Tip”™ reduces the resolution-killing laminar capillary flow, while the display shows your distance down from the meniscus at xx.xx mm resolution, so you know exactly where you are sampling in the tube.

Whether you use them separately or in the hybrid Gradient Station, the combination of the Gradient Master and the Piston Gradient Fractionator offers a quantum leap in speed, reproducibility and resolution.

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