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The BioPulverizer quickly fragments hard frozen tissue samples into tiny pieces the size of grains of sand or course powder.  The primary benefit of pulverizing pieces of tissue is to optimize subsequent rapid and complete cell lysis using lytic solutions or mechanical homogenizers.

The BioPulverizer is also used at room temperature to fragment friable, dry biomaterial such as non-oily seeds, bone and teeth.
There are four different hand-operated BioPulverizers for quickly pulverizing 10 mg to 10 g of frozen tissue.

How The BioPulverizer Works

  1. Place the BioPulverizer in a shallow container and cool thoroughly with either liquid nitrogen (preferred) or a dry-ice/alcohol mixture (next best).
  2. Place pre-frozen tissue in the well of the mortar.
  3. Remove the mortar from the shallow container, place it on the lab bench and pulverize the tissue with one or two blows to the pestle with the provided hammer. The mass of the stainless steel will preserve the cold long enough for you to complete your pulverization without adding additional liquid nitrogen.
  4. Empty the powdered contents for subsequent homogenization or extraction procedures.

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