• Octyl (C8) Silica Beads, 200 gm

Octyl (C8) Silica Beads, 200 gm

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Silica beads and gel can be functionalized by adding primary amines, sulfhydryls, propyl, octyl, as well as other derivatives to the hydroxyl group (silanol) attached to silica. Modification of silica is useful for a variety of applications, such as the immobilization of nucleic acids, peptides, and proteins. Propyl and octyl groups provide beads with an organic solvent like layer which can be used in separation procedures.

Covalently attaching proteins and nucleic acids to amino and sulfhydryl modified beads can be accomplished using a variety of cross-linking reagents. Oligonucleotides can be coupled via terminal phosphate groups or via amine or sulfhydyl linkers. Proteins and peptides can be coupled via amines, sulfhydryls, and carboxyl groups.

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