• XyliTUFF™ - Xylene Resistant Histology Labels

XyliTUFF™ - Xylene Resistant Histology Labels

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XyliTUFF™ – Extended Exposure Xylene & Chemical-Resistant Labels

Dimension: 22,2 mm x 24,6 mm

color: White, Perforated

For Ventana E-bar II Printer

1" core

500 pcs/roll

Temperature range: From -80°C to +120°C (-112°F to 248°F)

XyliTUFF™ labels are xylene and chemical ultra-resistant labels designed for a variety of applications and have long-term resistance to common organic solvents, industrial thinners, flux, oils, grease, degreasers, gasoline, as well as other chemicals and solvents.

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