• Customize FTA Sample Collection Card

Customize FTA Sample Collection Card

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The FTA Sample Collection Card is widely used in the collection, preservation and transfer of various body fluids such as blood, saliva, urine, vaginal secretions. The card is suitable for human, animal and plant liquid samples.

1. Produced with imported Whatman 903 special filter paper, and keep connection with international standards.

2. The contact part of the collection card is rounded indentationt o eliminate the influence of printing on the extraction efficiency.

3. The assembly workshop is 100,000 grades claen room with humidity of 30%-50%.

4. A complete set of services for information card design and printing is available.

5. Bar code, QR code design and production are available.

6. 2 collection circles, 3 collection circles, 4 collection circles, 5 collection circles and collection circle size, MOQ: 10,000 pcs.

Customize option 1: Regular sample collection card. Produced with white Whatman 903 special filter paper, mainly used for blood sample collection;

Customize option 2: Color sample collection card. Produced with pink Whatman 903 specialty filter paper for use in colorless liquid samples such as saliva, urine and vaginal secretions;

Customize option 3: Sample collection package. The configuration and style of the blood collection needle, the hemostatic cotton, and the packaging bag are available, and the different design of sample collection card is also available.

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