• UPta™ Taq PCR Master Mix, 2×

UPta™ Taq PCR Master Mix, 2×

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  • Aptamer-based hot-start functionality
  • Highest PCR sensitivity without any activation step
  • Optimized Master Mix including exceptionally pure UPta Taq DNA Polymerase and highest quality dNTPs


  • Fast PCR reactions
  • High-specificity and high-throughput hot-start PCR up to 5 kb
  • Amplification of low-copy-number targets
  • TA cloning

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Package Content


100 rxn of 50 µl

2 × 1.25 ml UPta Taq PCR Master Mix


500 rxn of 50 µl

10 × 1.25 ml UPta Taq PCR Master Mix


2000 rxn of 50 µl

40 × 1.25 ml UPta Taq PCR Master Mix

biotechrabbit™ UPta Taq PCR Master Mix is a perfect choice for a fast PCR reactions. It reduces the time required for pipetting and eliminates the need for buffer optimization.

The mix is optimized for low-background, high-throughput PCR of 0.2–5 kb DNA targets.

The 2x Master Mix contains pure biotechrabbit UTpa Taq DNA Polymerase, extremely high-quality dNTPs and optimized PCR buffer; thus, only template, PCR primers and PCR-grade water are added.

The aptamer binds to Taq DNA Polymerase and inhibits its activity at temperatures below 45°C. This ensures full hot-start functionality. The enzyme is released during standard PCR cycling conditions. There is no need for separate heating or denaturation steps, allowing fast PCR reactions. The hot-start functionality minimizes primer–dimers and mispriming.

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