• Triax™ Flow Cell

Triax™ Flow Cell

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The Triax™ Flow Cell is a newly developed and patented detector for the Piston Gradient Fractionator™ and the Gradient Station™. It provides the ability to record UV adsorption as well as fluorescence detection. Depending on the detector configuration, up to three UV/VIS/Fluorescence channels/wavelengths can be used simultaneously in the same gradient, offering the best precision in the overlay. The absorbance data are linear from 0 to 5 OD at .0001 OD resolution, with a non-linear response to an absurd 20 OD. The design eliminates bubbles and automatically aligns the profiles at the start of the run. The Triax™ can pulse the flow cell with visible light to excite your favorite fluorophore: EGFP, mCherry, Alexa 488, 555, 568, Cy2, 3, 3.5, 5, mKate2 and many others, simultaneously recording the UV and fluorescent profiles, a first in a biological research.

FC Software included.

Biologicals s.r.o. holds exclusive distribution & service rights for Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Poland, Hungary and Slovenia.

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