• Destructible cryogenic labels, 1000 pcs

Destructible cryogenic labels, 1000 pcs

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Size:  1″ x 0.5"
(25.4 mm x 12.7 mm)

Labels/Roll:  1000 (1″ core)

Perforated:  Yes

Media Sensing:  Gap

Temperature Range:  -196°C to +100°C
(-320.8°F to 212°F)

Adhesive:  Permanent

Printing Method:  Thermal-Transfer

Features:  Destructible

Resistances:  Cryogenic (-196°C), Deep-Freeze (-80°C)

Temperature range: from -196ºC to 120ºC

Cryo C-KurTAG™ – Cryogenic Destructible Thermal-Transfer Labels for Vials & Containers

  • Tamper-evident seal ensures any attempt to open the container will be noticed
  • Able to withstand immersion in liquid nitrogen and deep-freeze storage conditions
  • Printable with all major thermal-transfer printers

Cryogenic destructible labels designed for the secure identification and sealing of cryo vials, microtubes, and other containers stored in laboratory freezers, in liquid nitrogen Dewars, or on dry ice. Ideal for using on plastic bags, plates, vials, and other containers where a tamper-evident seal is required. Once applied, the labels cannot be removed without being destroyed. Can be printed with thermal-transfer printers or inscribed with permanent markers.