• Narrow Mouth Plastic Bottles, amber

Narrow Mouth Plastic Bottles, amber

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Narrow mouth, 8 ml packaging bottle, amber2000/case
Narrow mouth, 15 ml packaging bottle, amber1500/case
Narrow mouth, 30 ml packaging bottle, amber800/case
Narrow mouth, 60 ml packaging bottle, amber800/case
Narrow mouth, 125 ml packaging bottle, amber500/case
Narrow mouth, 250 ml packaging bottle, amber250/case
Narrow mouth, 500 ml packaging bottle, amber125/case
Narrow mouth, 1000 ml packaging bottle, amber50/case



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Narrow Mouth Plastic Lab Bottles are a type of laboratory containers that are designed to store testing materials, samples and reagents. These bottles have a narrow neck opening and a wide body for maximum storage capacity. Unlike other containers, their narrow mouth makes them easier to use when measuring out small amounts of liquids or powders. They are also made from a special plastic that is resistant to chemical and physical damage, so they can be used for a wide variety of applications. These bottles are an essential part of any laboratory and are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes to meet most laboratory needs.

PakGent® packaging Bottles are ideal for specialty chemicals, diagnostics, biologicals, reagents, adhesives and veterinary pharmaceuticals.

HDPE packaging bottles are excellent for storage, shipping and packaging of liquid reagents.

  • Linerless caps provide the ultimate in leakproof protection

  • Ideal for storing, shipping and packaging liquids

    Material: PET

Leakage test: vacuum, 95KPA 30mins