• Single-channel Pipette, 20 pcs, PakGent

Single-channel Pipette, 20 pcs, PakGent

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0.1-2.5ul 20/case
0.5-10ul 20/case
2-20ul 20/case
5-50u 20/case
10-100ul 20/case
20-200ul 20/case
50-200ul 20/case
100-1000ul 20/case
200-1000ul 20/case
1000-5000ul 20/case
2~10ml 20/case

Single-channel Pipettes are widely used in laboratory settings due to their numerous advantages over other types of pipettes.

Firstly, they allow for accurate and precise measurements of small volumes of liquid, down to microliters. This high level of accuracy is essential in applications such as PCR, qPCR, and ELISA, where even slight variations in liquid volumes can affect the accuracy and reproducibility of results.

Additionally, single-channel pipettes are suitable for working with different liquid types, including viscous, foamy, and volatile samples, making it a versatile tool for various laboratory applications. They are also user-friendly, with ergonomic design and adjustable volumes, reducing operator fatigue and increasing productivity.

Furthermore, unlike multi-channel pipettes, single-channel pipettes can accommodate a wide range of tip sizes, providing flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and reducing waste.

Finallly, the use of single-channel pipettes offers high accuracy, precision, and flexibility in liquid handling, making them an indispensable tool for various laboratory applications.